Considering that four people out of our six-membered team are cinematographers and photographers, redirect has a very strong visual aspect. That gives us the opportunity to cover fully each and every step of our activities.

”REMAINS” – a documentary about the food waste issue in Athens

Behind the scenes and excerpts of ''REMAINS'', a middle length documentary with seven narrators from different positions regarding the food production chain. Through the documentary, we attempted to map the food waste issue in Athens, its causes and solutions as well as the Greek mentality about it.

TEDEd ”Wonder, We”

The TEDEd Clubs program supports students in discovering, exploring and presenting their big ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks, while, on the same time, guest speakers are also invited to present their ideas. On the 24/3, Re<>Direct team traveled to Chalkida to participate in the TEDEd Club of ELC Anifadis at Papadimitriou Theatre. There, we were delighted to communicate the issue of environmental sustainability through the perspective of food waste to an audience of 200 creative students and parents. Here are some insights from our one-day trip.

Re<>Direct caravan vol.3

On our 3rd event on 23/3 we enjoyed the hospitality of Victoria Square Project and we shared the space with Theatre of Integration, a team that promotes social inclusion and supports the integration of young refugees and other disadvantaged social groups. Soon enough, the event turned into a party at Elpidos street.

Re<>Direct caravan vol.2

On 18/3 we were at Impact Hub Athens, taking care of the 1st reSTART network meeting by preparing delicious canapes with our chefs from THE BIG KAHUNA, based on rescued products. reSTART is a self-organised network for cultural workers, active in Greece, with physical and digital presence, supported by the Goethe Institute Thessaloniki and the Robert Bosch Foundation.

Re<>Direct caravan vol.1

Our very first canteen event took place on Saturday 17/3, where we cooked with THE BIG KAHUNA and we shared the space with Big Bang Education, having the opportunity to present our ideas. In Collaboration with Organization Earth, we prepared free meals with chef Stefanos Stefanidis, while using rescued products from the Central Markets and Fisheries Organisation and the Greek Food Bank.

Canteen construction

From the very beginning of our initiative, you hear us talking about a portable canteen that will be our vehicle as we are roaming around Athens to prepare fresh, delicious and free meals with our chef Stefanos Stefanidis from THE BIG KAHUNA. After 2 days of intensive construction, we are happy to let you have a look at our canteen's making of. Special thanks to Giannis Kyriakopoulos for his help.

Interview with chef Alexandros Papandreou

With a wide experience in restaurants as Executive Chef, on TV, and in the printed press, as well as collaborations with leading companies in the industry, Alexandros Papandreou shared with our team his point of view on the food waste problem.

Sustainability into practice!

We are happy to introduce our stamps, they can turn any piece of paper you may have in your pocket into our professional card!

Interview with Konstantinos Machairas

Interview with Konstantinos Machairas from Organization Earth, our partner and host during our waste fest on the 6th of May at Earth K44 (Konstantinoupoleos 44)

Shooting with Alexandros Theodoridis

Τalking about food rescuing, we couldn't leave out Alexandros Theodoridis and the team of "Boroume".


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