Considering that four people out of our six-membered team are cinematographers and photographers, redirect has a very strong visual aspect. That gives us the opportunity to cover fully each and every step of our activities.

Shooting our short documentary

We are portraying the food waste issues in Athens and, simultaneously, locating organizations and individuals who are taking action against the problem. Through this procedure, we are mapping the food waste heroes of the city and we are getting ready for our next steps.

Cleaning up the wetland of Kolovrechti in Evia with Aegean Rebreath.

This is how we will gather the raw material for the creation of artworks during our waste fest at EARTH Κ44 on the 6th of May. Because, if we want to be "politically correct", we can't talk only about food waste and pay no attention to waste in its general form, it's a matter of taking into consideration the importance of our finite resources.

Waste fest issues on the table

Waste fest issues on the table: discussing about new partnerships and open calls while making our way to the final program of our Waste Fest on the 6th of May at Earth K44 on Konstantinoupoleos 44.

First Shooting

in metaxourgeio, on chimeres web radio terrace, during our first shooting for the very first re<>direct promo video


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