In a short period of time, the team has organized various open events with cooking labs, where 5000 portions of food from otherwise wasted products were cooked and distributed, we have already created a medium length documentary about the food waste issue in Athens and we have successfully launched the 1st Waste Fest in Athens that brought together artists, activists, culinary professionals, chefs, producers and organizations, to be repeated annually, concerning sustainable practices and circular economy. Regarding our next steps:

''REMAINS'' : Documentary Screenings

Through the narratives of seven different people, each from a different area of the
production chain, the impression of food waste is engraved in the Greek capital.
Following the journey of a tomato from the field to the market counter, an activist, a
cook of a social cuisine, a chef, a supermarket chain and three representatives of
organizations operating in Athens at different stages of the journey of food, give their
own interpretations on the causes of millions of tons of food ending up in landfills, on
the association of the phenomenon with the crisis, on the particular characteristics of
Greek hyper-consumerism and on the solutions they propose.


Previous screenings:

– 12th Greek Documentary Festival – Chalkida Docfest (November ’18)

– 5th Peloponnisos International Documentary Festival – Kalamata, Patras, Argos (January ’19)


Upcoming screenings:

Stay tuned for new dates.


”REMAINS” Documentary Teaser

Educational Programs

Earth’s most recent geologic time period is considered to be human-influenced in a great extent, in terms of how much the human being is responsible for the alteration of the atmospheric, geologic and other earth system processes. In this context, we are looking forward to find new artistic, creative and experimental ways to communicate the environmental and deeply social issue of wasting food products and finite resources to a broad audience.

As a result, Re<>Direct is joining forces with the Greek Food Bank (FEBA member) for the creation of an experiential educational program for students in both public and private schools in Athens.



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