For achieving our sustainability goals, for the next months we aim to the creation of a food project with three aspects

The making of a documentary (January - April)

A documentary about Food Waste in Athens that will point out the problem and present the actions that are taking place against it.

The re<>direct canteen (March - May)

6 actions around the center of Athens, offering self prepared meals made from products that, otherwise, would have been wasted, with the help of the chef Stefanos Stefanidis from ”Big Kahuna”.

The concept is to combine the sustainability of the food rescue practices and everything that comes along, while bringing the neighborhood together.

  • 17/3 at Organization Earth
  • 18/3 at Impact Hub Athens
  • 23/3 at Victoria Square Project
  • 1/4   at Communitism (during ”Creative Reuse” we provided fresh fruits, vegetables and packaged products that were cooked by Communitism)
  • 21/4 at Kassandras
  • 13/5 at Park of Nea Smyrni

The Waste Festival (6th of May)

The re<>direct Waste Fest takes place on May 6, in cooperation with Organization Earth, and invites you to get a closer look to matters such as food waste and waste in general, in the context of circular economy and reuse. The festival will be hosted in Earth K44 and it will include free meals from “rescued” products, food labs and workshops based on environmental sustainability along with speaker panels about waste, dj sets, childrens workshops and a viewing of the team’s  documentary about food waste in Athens. With a wide range of collaborators (Organization Earth, Aegean Rebreath, The Bee Camp, GreeNest, Greek Food Bank, Boroume, web radio, IEK Omiros), the re<>direct fest aims to introduce the philosophy of reuse in every possible area of waste, through recovery practices.


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